How To Pick the Best Press Release Writing Service For Your Next Announcement

Press release remains one of the best ways to communicate a business message. Despite the changes in media landscape, it is still one of the proven methods to announce business announcements and generate interest.

Writing a press release avoids misinformation. It is the fastest way to disseminate your story. If writing and distributing releases are part of your content marketing, you may want to consider using a press release writing service.

press release writing

It’s not easy to write a release because it requires someone to have specific skills and experience. Here is a quick guide to help you choose a service:

Proven track records.

You can’t just hire any company you know without reading service reviews. You have to take time reading feedback and testimonials made by their previous clients.

A good company has several good feedback from their customers. It is because they are satisfied with their service. Happy clients are willing to back up any company that has given them good writing services.

Before hiring a company, ask for examples of their work. It is better if they can also show you the outcome of their writing. Their clients should have landed media coverage or mentions.

You may ask them links to where their written work is published. If they are really good in providing their service, they will never run out of evidences to show that they have happy clients.


One factor that you need to consider is the type of writers a writing service has. Although many writers claimed that they know how to write a content, it’s different when they don’t only have the skills but also experience in writing releases.

A release is different from a blog or article. They should know the right format and how to craft an interesting story. It’s different when writers have an experience because they know what a good release should look like.

In order to check this, you may request for writing samples done by their writers most recently. You can ask for samples related to your industry or story. You may ask them how they can write your story differently from what they have written in the past to ensure that it fits the demands of the journalists.


Knowing the features of their writing service is a good consideration so that you know what they can provide. You also need to know the features that they can’t provide. You have to be sure if a service is the right one that can help your content marketing goals.

Don’t let them do the talking. Ask them questions. Make a list of questions that you have and ask them one by one.

You may send them a list of your requirements. You need to include the information that you want to be included in your announcement. It will give them an idea about the topic and the structure of your story.

Give them, your target keywords. This ensures that they are going to use it on your release in order to optimize it for the search engines.

Ask if the pricing includes any revision. Do they help you in submitting to relevant media outlets or it is your full responsibility?

Ask what add-on features they can offer without added cost, so you know what you can save. Knowing what they can provide should be automatic on your part to prevent any disappointments in the end.

Some companies don’t tell you everything, so you will book their services. Don’t let it happen to you to avoid any issues.


Another important factor to consider when hiring a service is the cost. It can get pricey if you don’t shop around to find the most reasonable package. Since there are a lot of choices in the market, you need to do your research online or ask for recommendations PR distribution.

The basic package for writing releases cost between 50 and 100 and even higher. Some companies may charge you on an hourly basis.

You may opt for bundle packages that can save you some bucks. For instance, you may choose a newswire service that provides a bundle of writing and distributing your release distribution site.

Since it is tedious to craft a release, a lot of businesses seek writing companies in order to avoid the hassle. They prefer paying extra than to produce poorly written content.

It is not easy to come up with a good release. There is a format to follow. It should be free from spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes.

A good release has a professional tone unlike blogs. These requirements may be very difficult for writers without experience or someone who doesn’t have the skills.

Consider features, cost, proven track records and experience before hiring a press release distribution service. It ensures that you’re not wasting your money, time and effort. You can also be assured that you get results and high ROI.