Top 5 Social Media People To Follow!

When it comes to being successful with social media who should you really follow? Who are the best of the best when it comes to growing your social media following and making more money?

We’ve found 5 of the top people to follow and learn from.

No.1 – Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez is the best of the best when it comes to social media. Boasting a following of millions across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, his YouTube videos alone have over a billion minutes of video watched.

His Snapchat stories have even been featured by Snapchat with his recent video at the super bowl being seen by over 1.6 million people.

Tai boasts having spent over $20 million on social media testing and I can bet you he has made far more than that back. What’s his secret to social media success? Tai believes you need to cultivate your back story and your social media needs to be like a story. That is what he does very well, and we also noticed he uses many other influencers to help get his name out.

No.2 – Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone is another top guy when it comes to social media. He’s a real hard worker in the way he has grown his social media following. Tai Lopez who is our no.1 has taken a different approach, doing things very strategically whereas Grant has grown through pure grit.

What are Grants secrets to success exactly? Hard work for sure. Grant has been a hard worker all his life and shows that you need to be obsessed if you want to hit your goals. Grant has over $500 million in real estate holdings, a successful sales training company and a successful speaking career.

No.3 – Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk took his family wine business from $3 million to $60 million. Now he runs VaynerMedia a company with over 500 employees and offices on both sides of the Atlantic. His company boasts high profile clients like CocaCola. He is a man who knows what he is doing when it comes to social media and is worth following. Also Gary has a gift for knowing what’s coming next and tends to be first to jump on a new wave, yet another reason to follow him.

Gary Vaynerchuk has also built a successful speaking career and is inspirational too.


No.4 – Dan Bilzerian

Whether you like the guy or not he’s a prime example of what it takes to grow a large following on social media profiles like Instagram. His content is entertaining! Whilst some of it might be questionable in terms of whether what he is doing is “right or wrong” you can’t deny it gets attention and that is what you need to do on social media.

By following Dan you will learn what gets attention. Even if you can’t replicate what he does, there’s always ways to apply the same principles to whatever niche you operate in.

No.5 – Daymond John

Daymond John is the guy from Sharktank. He’s worth approximately $250 million. He’s great to follow on social media for the advice he gives on business.

He currently has close to 500,000 followers on Facebook and that’s growing daily. He uses Facebook as a way to give back and share his wisdom with the world. He also shares many motivational posts.

He’s a great example of someone who is growing on social media and you can follow his growth.

Best Way To Learn From Them

What is the best way to learn from these social media influencers? Whilst what they say is great and can certainly help you, what they actually do is the best way to learn. Look at how they post, what type of content they post and learn from them that way.

Instead of consuming their content, watch it and you can see what they are doing to have such great success and growth. I think you’ll find that they have the best strategies. Especially Tai Lopez, the man is something of a genius when it comes to social media.


Tips For Successful Facebook Ads

When it comes to running Facebook ads how can you really get the best bang for your buck? After testing a number of strategies we found that one particular strategy seems to work best. Which strategy is that exactly? It’s Facebook video ads.

After doing some research we found that Facebook seems to want to take over the world when it comes to video. They have launched live video of course which will help them grow but also they are giving a tremendous amount of reach to videos on Facebook.

So why would you post a normal status update, or a picture when you could post a video that reaches far more people? This is the best way to grow in my opinion, you should create videos and boost them out to an audience that can help you grow your business.

Look at how cheap we were able to get our Facebook ads.

That’s 128,313 3 second video views for $10. Pretty amazing right? And that doesn’t even count the organic views we received. That was just the paid views. The video got a bunch more organic views from the viral effect.

Secret to success?

The secret to getting Facebook video ads to perform well is having a viral factor. You need to make sure that your video ads have the potential to go viral. It can be something surprising, amazing, or maybe something controversial but the goal is to get likes, shares and people tagging their friends in your posts. When this happens you start to get posts going viral.

How do you know when a post is going to go viral? I found that the metrics you need to pay attention to are organic reach. When you run a promotion and your organic reach passes your paid reach, this is generally how you know a post will do well and have the chance at going viral.

Boost Or Not?

Many people wondering whether a Facebook boost is the best way to run ads. To be honest it really depends on the objective. If you are looking to get sales of a product then a boost is probably not the best way, instead you should go into your ad manager and set up ads that way.

However if you are looking to grow your Facebook page and grow your follower count, then boosts do work extremely well. Having many boosts running at the same time can rapidly increase your page following especially when your posts have the viral factor.